Al Margen


María de los Angeles


Ryan Rockmore

Ryan Rockmore is a flamenco dancer, Spanish teacher, and independent researcher in New York City, after living and studying in Spain and Europe. Since beginning his flamenco training, Ryan has studied with revered artists including Carmen Ledesma, Merche Esmeralda, La Choni, Victorio Korjhan, La Meira, Esperanza Fernández, Alfonso Losa, Sonia Olla, Rafaela Carrasco, and Marco Flores. He has performed in venues throughout New York, London, Madrid, and Sevilla, including Dixon Place, Lincoln Center, Teatro Círculo, and various flamenco tablaos and bars. Following his year-long research as a postgraduate Fulbright grant recipient, in Sevilla, and completion of a Master's in Dance Anthropology, from Roehampton University, Ryan continues to investigate and present on the intersections of identity politics, gender performance, and flamenco. His recent essay, "Dancing the Ideal Masculinity", can be found in the edited anthology Flamenco on the Global Stage (McFarland, 2015).


Artistic Collaborators

Alfonso Cid (Singer): La Generación del 16 -- Adorno -- Duende Adentro

Bárbara Martínez (Singer): Adorno

Raphael Brunn (Guitarist): Adorno -- Duende Adentro

Cristian Puig (Guitarist): La Generación del 16

Sally Lesser (Costume Designer): Adorno -- Duende Adentro

Peter Basil Bogdanos (Percussionist): Adorno