Al Margen




Adorno is a show that presents an innovative approach to the relationship between flamenco dancer and accessory. In the work, the five principal accessories - the castanets, bata de cola, shawl, fan, and cane - gain new autonomous meanings and roles while the dancers renegotiate how they are typically used. As the roles shift, the dancer-accessory relationship becomes destabilized and, ultimately, redefined.

Creative Team (2017 production):

Creative Collaborators: Ryan Rockmore & María de los Angeles; Singers: Alfonso Cid & Bárbara Martínez; Guitarist: Raphael Brunn; Percussionist: Peter Basil Bogdanos

Producer: José Cheo Oliveras & Teatro Círculo; Lighting Design: María Cristina Fusté; Costume Design: Sally Lesser; Tech: James Decker

Adorno, from Teatro Círculo's "Callback Series". April-May, 2017.