Al Margen


Duende Adentro


In Duende Adentro, the Garcia Lorca concept of “duende” takes on new meaning. Distancing themselves from the passionate stereotype which is traditionally associated with el duende, María de los Ángeles and Ryan Rockmore re-imagine the concept inspired by the lecture, “El juego y la teoría del duende" (The Play and Theory of Duende), and poems from El Diván del Tamarit, by Federico García Lorca. Within this space of uncertainty, the acknowledgment that duende can only exist with the realization of our impending death becomes both unsettling and clear.

Creative Team (2018 production):

Creative Collaborators: María de los Angeles & Ryan Rockmore; Singer: Alfonso Cid; Guitarist: Raphael Brunn; Cellist: Lisa Fairey; Palmas: Adriana Olivares; Voiceovers: Adriana Sananes

Producer: José Cheo Oliveras & Teatro Círculo; Lighting Design: María Cristina Fusté; Costume Design: Sally Lesser; Tech: Anthony Fernández; Collaborating Composer: Nathan Herrera; Collaborating Lyricist: Alfonso Cid