Al Margen



La Generación del 16

Teatro Círculo - February 2016
Directed by: Ryan Rockmore

Co-Producers: Ryan Rockmore & María de los Angeles

La Generación del 16 had its premier in 2016, but the project had been in the planning stages, arguably, for many years before. Even though many of the performers' early flamenco studies were founded in the traditional form and aesthetic, they always wanted to experiment, look outside the box, question norms; however, especially in New York, there were rarely opportunities to do so. The endless performances of the traditional style, albeit beautiful, in tablaos and bars, were slightly counter to New York’s experimental nature and character.

While this production was an evening of performances, it also served as an invitation. A call to push the boundaries in flamenco. A plea to constantly be engaged in questioning throughout the artistic process. Drawing inspiration from Pablo Picasso, in his own practice he stressed, “Paintings are but research and experiment… I never do a painting as a work of art. All of them are research. I search incessantly and there is a logical sequence in all this…” As such, we, as dancers, must also search, discover, destabilize, deconstruct everything we do. And, ultimately, is there a way to carry this philosophy along in life?

For each number in the program, each dancer chose a traditional palo and then flipped some "rule" of the piece on its head: blending of rhythms, use of space, order of sections, and gender norms. Demonstrating a respect for the past, pure, and traditional, the dancers injected each performance with the newness of a fresh perspective.

Dancers: Ryan Rockmore, María de los Angeles, Xianix Barrera, and Carol Basilio
Cantaor: Alfonso Cid
Guitarrista: Cristian Puig
Palmera: Leslie Roybal
Lighting Director: Ryan Rockmore
Costume Advisor: Sally Lesser

Al Margen Flamenco Company would like to sincerely thank Teatro Círculo, Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, Sally Lesser Designs, St. Veronica Creative Culture Center, and the Kickstarter donors for their support and financial assistance.



Choreography by: Ryan Rockmore
Performed by: All dancers


Choreographer & Dancer: María de los Angeles

What makes a flamenco rhythm masculine or feminine? How much is dictated by the cante/guitar melody? What rhythms are complimentary that are not normally combined in one choreography? How can the gap be bridged?


Choreographer & Dancer: Carol Basilio

What is the point of "staying in the lines?" When I feel constrained, who is there to free me? Am I brave enough to free myself? Am I brave enough to let others see me once I'm free?


Choreographer & Dancer: Xianix Barrera
Spoken Word Artist: Ra Ruiz Leon

Head over heels... What happens when, suddenly, everything gets inverted? In society and in art, you are expected to follow the norm, follow tradition. What happens when you don't? Joy? Poetry? Love?

Soleá Apolá

Choreographer & Dancer: Ryan Rockmore

How do we inhabit what is meant for others? How is a bata different on a man than a woman? Where can we find femininity and sensuality within "being a man"?